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Keith: I had thought about martial arts all of my life, but did not get involved for one reason or another for many years.  About 5 years ago, when solidly into my 40's, I decided I wanted something to help keep me physically active as I began to get older. I surfed the internet read the multitude of options that came up. 
Aikido seemed to be exactly the kind of art I was looking for.  Aikido is defensive, not aggressive. The physical aspects do not involve much impact, and the art has many benefits that apply to other areas of life.

I came to observe a class in the summer of 2011, spoke with Chris, Evelyn, and a few of the other instructors, and I joined shortly thereafter. 

I have been very happy working with those in the dojo.  There is a patient, helpful attitude as we all try to improve and realize it is much more difficult that it looks. 

I am very happy I joined Aiki Concepts and hope to keep practicing long into the future.

Ron: Many years ago I witnessed an Aikido demonstration by a highly ranked black belt and was awestruck that a barrage from multiple attackers could be handled so smoothly and gracefully with no kicks or punches and no one getting injured - it was like watching a martial art developed on some other planet! I knew right then and there that I wanted to study Aikido, and I here I am decades later finally pursuing that dream.

 I have found Aikido to be a very challenging activity. Lots of diligent work and regular attendance at practice session brings results, but slowly. To be to able to stick with Aikido, you have to learn to be satisfied with small victories - like be able to correctly perform one piece of a complicated technique. But as blatantly physical as Aikido is - with concepts like pivoting, entering, controlling, throwing - I recognized it immediately as a spiritual path. Because all that pivoting, entering, etc. involves drawing in and blending with an attacker rather than resisting and fighting. They've been neutralized before they even know what happened. Hey, that's a philosophy that works in real life, not just on a martial arts mat. As someone who is spiritually inclined but not at all religious, I find the spiritual aspect of Aikido to be its ultimate appeal.

Rod: “Over the years I’ve studied various martial arts and boxing styles. During my research I found Aikido as the perfect balance for all aspects of personal growth and development. I looked for a place to study and found AikiConcepts.  I started practicing a few months ago and I’ve found it to be a patient and inclusive environment to study.”

Brian: As a professional pilot in the  days after 9/11, I was concerned about the ability to defend myself at airports across the U.S. and in the cockpit. When I learned about Aikido, and that techniques can be applied from sitting positions, I began to practice. It is one of the more difficult things I have ever attempted to learn, but also one of the most rewarding. What has kept me practicing through the years however is the incredible power that I have been shown and discovered that exists within each of us not only physically, but more so spiritually as we interact with each other on our path in harmony.

Dan: It became glaringly clear to me one day, not long ago, that my next step in maturity was to give myself over to a martial art. I was lacking focus. I'm not sure I was even able to take myself seriously, or even @ face value. I searched for a bit. I did not care for the nature of the combative arts much. I wanted a way to resolve a conflict instantly w/o dealing permanent damage. W/o striking & kicking @ my foes. I youtubed some Aikido vs whatever vids by default & found what I was longing for. Turns out, there are more experienced sitting black belts here in Indianapolis than anywhere else on the continent".What a huge surprise." I have immersed myself w/ these kind,nurturing,people. They have a seemingly unending patience for those that seek knowledge & skill. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity...You have to decide what is right for you @ the right time.Only you know that. Early is hard, but late is almost impossible. Do Something now! Stop waiting!

Adam: I was going through some very difficult things in my life when I found AikiConcepts. Over the last 7 years (since 2009) I have really grown as a person as a result of Aikido. Aikido can be whatever you want it to be. Exercise, self-defense, practice of form, fun or nothing. You get out of it whatever you want it to be. It was hard work but it changed my life. The instructors always make for a pleasant learning environment and they have proved to be some of my greatest friends and role models. It has made me a better, more confident person.