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Youth Aikido

Youth Aikido Slide Show

Youth & Parent Aikido class 

Currently not scheduled.  Will schedule if we have 6 or more children interested.

This class uses traditional Japanese movements of the ancient Samurai warriors in a spirit of self discipline, helpfulness and cooperation to teach young people to behave responsibly to the challenges they face as they mature.

If a child is five years old (and able to pay attention for an hour) to about 11 years old, this class is designed for them.  The instruction stresses cooperation and self confidence. Students learn big broad movement techniques and safe falling. No joint pressure techniques are taught to avoid harm to growing bones.

Parents may participate as fellow students with their youngsters or view from the sidelines.

In Youth Aikido we stress cooperation and non-aggression. We believe a person becomes what they practice.

If a young person practices violent, aggressive responses to others - that is what they will default to if placed in a challenging situation. 

We want our youth to learn that there is an alternative to aggression in life - physically, psychologically and spiritually. 

We want our young people to learn pride in self, respect for others and to develop responsible methods of self defense - without becoming the aggressive bully they need to defend themselves against in the first place. We don't think you learn those lessons by studying how to kick, punch and beat another child.