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The Shuwakan Aikido Yoshinkan Dojo

Our school offers to the community a study well-suited for personal growth, self defense and physical fitness: the  non-competitive Japanese martial art of Aikido. The club began almost 40 years ago and includes two sixth-degree black belts.

In Aikido, students practice redirecting an attacker's energy  in a way that stops but does not injure the attacker. It is accessible to most ages.

Our instructors include the highest-ranking American woman in our style of Aikido. All the instructors are 4th degree black belt or higher. The two senior instructors each have been studying and teaching Aikido for more than 40 years. Both, also, have black belts in Seitei Jodo.

The Shuwakan Dojo has promoted more than 100 black belt students since 1987. Our daily goal, however, is incremental progress: personal growth, fitness and self defense. Its teachers have always been volunteers without pay. The school has always operated without student contracts. 

  Three Japanese kangi characters combine to create the word Aikido:

Ai“Ai” means to blend with

Ki“Ki” refers to the life energy that animates and binds together all living creatures

DODo” is the path or the way

The path of Aikido is never ending, and fascinating, as we strive to see reality clearly and respond appropriately with goodwill.

We support each other in this endeavor. We recognize that each learner is traveling along a path of lifelong study. Competition has no place in our endeavor. “Aiki” concepts are cooperative practices in which all participants gain.